CEQA and Environmental Permitting Services

Public Review

CEQA documents posted for public review:

Ponderosa Way Phase I and II/Programmatic Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration


Services Provided by the TCRCD

Most sizable environmental protection and restoration projects require an analysis of their impacts on the environment and communities. Under the California Environmental Quality Act, this requires an assessment and determination of project related impacts.  Depending upon the type of work involved and the agencies having oversight of the project, other environmental permits may be required as well. TCRCD staff has extensive experience in developing, coordinating and preparing the following documents and their related analysis:

 CEQA Documents

  • Notice of Exemption
    Initial Studies and coordination of specialists reports
    Negative Declaration
    Various Required CEQA Notices

 Other Permitting Documents

  • Army Corp of Engineers’ 404 Permit
    California Regional Water Quality Control Board Water Quality Certification (A 401) analysis
    California Department of Fish and Game 1600 permits

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Example Projects

Jelly's Ferry Restoration Project

Tedoc Mountain Fuel Break Project

Leininger Ranch Stock Pond Repair Project

Tramway Road/A-Line Road/F-Line/Road 90A Shaded Fuel Break Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration

Childs Meadows Head Cut Stabilization and Repair Project Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration